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trauma_dispatch's Journal

Trauma Dispatch
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The Trauma Dispatch - fan comm for NBC's Trauma
Trauma Dispatch
Welcome to trauma_dispatch. This community's rules are loosely modified from numb3rs_notice.

trauma_dispatch is for announcing any and all Trauma fanfic, graphics, vids, and discussion posts, and for sharing Trauma news.
1. All genres (gen, het, slash, femslash, threesomes & moresomes, etc) are welcome here.

2. Please use the subject line to mark an entry as: Fic, Graphics, Vid, Discussion or News (or whatever fits the bill).

3. Please do not post entire stories or discussions here, just links.

4. Please use cut tags for long posts and for spoilers (see below) as well as for icon posts. Please only put three preview icons outside of a cut.

5. Please be respectful when posting announcements, and please make sure that you are only linking to publicly-available material.

6. Please *do* announce your own work here, don't be shy, and please encourage other Trauma posters to do the same. You may also post to direct people to fanworks or discussion that have been posted by others.

7. Spoiler Policy: If your post contains any spoilers for any episode or season, regardless of whether or not the episode has already aired in your part of the world, a spoiler warning should be included, and *all* spoilers must be hidden below a cut-tag.

Spoilers include cast information, location information ("I visited the set last week and saw them working on the tracks/on campus/downtown!"), reactions ("Here's a link to my rant about this episode"), and of course any plot points. Basically, everything other than the episode name is a spoiler. When in doubt, please be courteous and cut-tag.

8. Wank/Banning: The Trauma fandom is a small fandom and wank of any kind will not be tolerated at this community. 'Ship wars, flaming, etc. will consequently result in banning from the comm.
Word Count:

A Note About Pairing/Characters:
Please use a slash to denote any romantic pairing (i.e. Nancy/Rabbit, Glenn/Tyler) and commas to denote characters in the fic who are not paired (i.e. Boone, Marisa.) The comm welcomes all pairings.

A Note About Ratings:
There are various rating systems out there. We suggest (and prefer) that authors rate their fic according to either the MPAA Rating System or the Fiction Rating System.
Mod Info
Your Mod is mercilynn. Please feel free to contact her with any questions that you may have.
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